Chief Judge reveals deadline for political cases

Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Adamu Kafarati has directed that all political cases still pending before the court should be concluded by October 2019.
Kafarati made the directive known at an event organised by the International Human Rights and Anti Corruption Society (IHRAS) yesterday in Abuja.
He said the measure the court adopted before and during the last general elections, which included the directive to judges not to grant ex-part orders in political cases, was intended to allow every political prayer equal opportunity.
He said: “In an attempt to forestall any hiccups and where the court is blamed by political gladiators, I issued, during the last vacation, a circular that interim orders ex-parte shall not be granted in any political cases brought before the court.
“I believe that controversies, especially in political cases, can be reduced when the court takes a decision after hearing all the parties in the case.
“It is also extremely important that all political cases that may affect any of the parties, which are still in our courts, be concluded without further waste of time to afford all candidates the opportunity to pursue their political ambitions.
“Judges before whom such cases are still pending must endeavour to conclude them before the end of October 2019.”
Justice Kafarati, who noted that democracy only thrives where citizens’ rights are guaranteed and corruption curbed, also stressed that the court and the law remain necessary instruments for regulating any democratic society.
“I urge your lordships to be wary in handling all cases, especially cases concerning human rights and political cases.
“We should again, use this court and the Constitution to regulate our society for the good of our children and mankind. I still believe that the Judiciary remains the hope of all people, whether common or uncommon,” he said.

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