Uganda Bans Alcohol Packed In Sachets

Uganda, on Friday, banned the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol packaged in sachets.
According to New Vision, sachet alcohol was declared illegal in 2017, however, 31st May, 2019 (today) was announced as the deadline for stoppage of manufacturing and distribution of the products.
Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango during a press briefing, revealed that companies who don’t comply with the ban order would be closed.
The commercial manufacture and consumption of alcohol packed in sachets were delegitimized in 2017 on the basis of health and environmental concerns.
The same order invoked price control mechanisms to prohibit access to smaller quantities of alcohol to the population.
Onyango said the government tasked alcohol producers to install bottling machinery for packing gins beyond 200-millilitre quantities.

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