Suppressing Feelings: A Wrong Move to Peaceful Relationship

Refusing to express your feelings at all could ruin the same thing you think you are protecting by shutting up.
Keeping a successful relationship presupposes that partners have an understanding of simple concepts as communication, which is essentially about knowing what to say as it is about knowing
What this leads to is the question of what should be talked about and what is logically to be suppressed. It also brings to the fore, the issue of biting one’s tongue or repressing feelings and opinions. When does it become too much? Does it even make any sense at all?
The problem with keeping shut when you really have something to say is that you run the risk of building steam and negative energy under that forced silence, and one day, you would no longer be able to contain it and it will all come bursting forth in some impassioned eruption that could do irreparable damage. At other times, that emotional outburst could happen when it is already too late.
So while picking on everything your partner says or does wrong will likely earn you the tag of a ‘nag,’ refusing to say anything at all could potentially ruin the same thing you think you are protecting by shutting up.
As a lover in a relationship you treasure and intend to hold on to for as long as possible, you need to always keep the air clear between you and your boo. You need to share anything that would later create resentment. You may have to acquire a better sense of timing when it comes to talking about your grievances, but you must still find a way to air out those feelings.
It is also just as important for couples to create a haven safe enough for feelings to be shared honestly without judgement, defense and other negative energy. Never create an atmosphere in your relationship in which truth and honesty and openness can not thrive.

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