Idanre Hill: The Inselbergs of Beauty, Mystery, And Majesty

By: Promise Oshewa
Natural historical places in Nigeria no doubt stand as attraction for local and foreign tourists who are fascinated with the beauty that engulfed these sites. But Idanre hill is a unique one with an outstanding beauty, mystery, and majesty. What mother nature only speaks here is beauty.
Enveloped by inselbergs whose sight alone is capable of spellbinding the mind, Idanre is located about 24 kilometers southwest of Akure, Ondo State capital. It is blessed with a serene community, making it a perfect match for your picnick with family and friends.
Known for its wonderous hills, it distinguishes itself among all other places that have been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thus making it one of the most magnificent tourist centres in the world.

The peaceful people of Idanre have not always lived at the foot of the hills had everything they needed. As a matter of fact, Western civilization would even have to climb its way up to introduce itself to the ancient city.
In the year 1986, missionaries built the first primary school, a clay building, which still stands strong to this day. A law court was also established as well in the year 1906, which includes an ancient prison. All these stands as artifacts for tourists to see upon their arrival.
Also included among the remains of the ancient village are shrines, belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Aopara), old and dilapidated mud buildings roofed in rust-brown iron sheets, set on well laid-out streets and burial mounds and grounds, and the Owa’s palace.

Spectacularly, the inner court of the palace is beautifully decorated with sculptural carvings used as pillars along the length and breadth of the court. These carvings are said to depict the loyal servants of the ruling kings at different reigns.
Another fascinating aspect of the hill which always bring wonder to the mind of tourists are the unreadable letters believed to be a mysterious handwriting. These letters are etched on the rock… no one has been able to decipher their meaning since it was noticed conspicuously on the rock.

There is also a river known as Arun River. This river is believed to have natural power to heal all kinds and manners of ailments and diseases; thus making it one of the most visited spots on the hilltop. Another mesmerizing feature that can be found on the hilltop is the Agbogun footprint. This mysterious footprint presents an attractive spectre of a mythical shoeprint which could fit into the size of anyone who put their foot into it.
However, it is important to note that it takes six hundred and eighty-two steps for one to climb from the foot of the hill to the hilltop; and of course, there are resting points as well.

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